Goooood morning everyone! Finally the sun is trying again today, and its rays can make a difference between a gloomy mood and feeling good… hmmm shouldn’t have thought that… big black cloud moving in šŸ™ and rain is pouring again… means staying inside and doing more research today.

For anybody that is feeling off today because of what happened yesterday, I hope you use today as a day of re-energising, getting your patriottic hat back on, doing research about a lot of things, and most of all go over to (phonetic) ekstwentytoodotcom and listen to his latest podcast.

It has all worked out to that one point yesterday… for anybody following the 17th letter of the alphabet, yesterday was the 11.3 marker. Eventhough a lot of people knowingly and willingly committed very bad crimes before that point at noon yesterday, the inauguration moment was the marker.

The crime is now completed… do not despair, listen to that podcast!

Did anyone of you notice the dress the S.a.t-a-n.i.c H.i.g.h P.r.i.e.s.t.e.s.s Ms Gaga was wearing??

Has anybody paid any attention to all the things I have been sharing about the plans of the World Economic Forum, and what the ultimate plans are of the Elite?
Go do some research about what the bottom line is from A.g.e.d.a.’s 20 21 and 20 30, check out the deeper meaning about the words written on The Georgia Guidestones… , listen to the words of Mr. Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, dig into what exactly is meant with The G.r.e.a.t R.e.s.e.t …

And then think about the message sent out by that earlier mentioned dress… did anyone of you see or read “the Hunger Games Trilogy” ?
Use your brains! this is all about them wanting to make the world exactly like that.. .and they are very busy working up to realisation of this.

A short overview of the various facts and aspects about the Hunger Games can be found here

It’s all about to begin… and us patriots can be seen as the (in)famous District 12. And we will have exactly the same effect as Katniss did, don’t you worry about that one second.

What many people fail to realise is that we are not fighting Biden/Harris or even the Democrats for that matter… we are fighting a system that has been in place for more than 12,000 years… a system actually litterally designed by Evil, or as old civilisations and The Bible describe it… the devil, Satan, Moloch or whatever other name has been given to this entity.

It’s a good thing -if you haven’t done that already- to extensively research that entity and all it stands for.. not only from the Bible, but seen from as many (old) historic documents as possible; you see… the Bible is not only a Holy Book.. but actually it’s a record of ancient history.

A force that has been in place for more than 12,000 years cannot be defeated in a mere 4 years, a beginning has been made to fulfill what President John F. Kennedy started (and unfortunately paid the ultimate price for)
Remember that JFK Jr. promised to finish what his father started… and DJT and JFK Jr. were very close friends… have no doubt that this job is going to be finished, but it isn’t a movie in the sense that it’s finished within 2 hours… this takes time.
But not to worry… even I in my lifetime, will see “The Swamp Drained”.

I can make a HUGE post out of this with everything spelled out that I’ve learned and researched the last year, but that would be un-readable for most… so I’m going to leave it at this for the moment.
Remember… COVID-19 was let loose on the world in order to start implementing the Agenda’s 21 and 30 in an accelerated manner; why accelerated you might ask yourself… there was one really really big danger for the Deep State, and that danger was called President Donald J. Trump.

Unfortunately this hasn’t hit the news either, so here is a link to research for yourself, I’m sure it’s not complete by far, but there’s enough to dig there.

Have you ever seen just how many things this man has achieved in his short 4 year term?? This man has accomplished more in only one term, than all post-war presidents together!

Unfortunately the world media never mentioned that, all they wanted you to know or think was how crazy and unmannered and even criminal he was. The latter was never actually proven, actually by the declassification of the Obamagate and Russiagate files on January 19th every accusation ever made against Trump was totally and completely debunked and turned around.

Remember one big thing… besides corrupt politicians, organisations and people, the media has played one of the most important roles in deceiving the people… (research Operation Mockingbird and look for the documentary “Out of Shadows” ).
It was essential that the masses were fed a narrative that was untrue, planted ideas in people’s heads that were exactly opposite to what actually was aspiring… remember… there is no force bigger than “We The People” and if that force is misinformed, then you have won half or maybe even three quarters of the battle.

Why do you think that Rt. Gen. Michael Flynn kept talking about how thankful he was for the Citizen Journalists and his army of Digital Soldiers ?
Both groups were doing the research, both groups were helping the rest of the people add up all the nonsense that’s being fed to them and showing them another point of view… helped them do their own research into the truth.

Go look up what the Original Constitution is, look up what happened in 1871, look up the difference between the united States of America and the United States of America and what that means exactly.

Links to pictures and pdf’s to research on:

Original Declaration Of Indepenance

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