Some new news on the front…

The first weekend in the new “Biden Administration” has arrived… and already -actually within 24 hours of being “inaugurated” you can clearly see how the precious USA is being torpedoed into pure communism.

One of the earlier 17-posts explicitely mentioned “a scare event is neccesary, but somehow my personal thoughts are that everything happening isn’t quite scary enough for the biggest TDS-victims yet.
All they actually care about at the moment is “Orange Man Bad” being gone and “Good ol’ Biden and his totally trustworthy adminsitration” changing and reversing everything that that horrible #45 accomplished for the American People.

Let’s take a short look at the people “governing” the USA since the 20th of January shall we??

All you really have to do is listen to the following video, and maybe even start following this channel. X22 had been a real good truth-giver the last year!

click here

Hope to be able to bring you more news soon!

Cleansing is what this country needs… didn’t we hear a certain A. H. say exactly the same somewhere in the 30’s of the last century??
Plus… the USA is NOT a Democracy… not by a long shot. The USA is a Constitutional Republic.
The MOST POPULAR PRESIDENT ever to be elected according to mainstream media… if you know where to look, you will definitely see there is a whole lot wrong with how everything went.

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